Cherry Street


Krista Jobson

Sophia Tegart

Cherry Street is comprised of two flutists who have been playing together in large ensemble settings for nearly nine years. After finishing their doctorates at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance in 2011, Krista Jobson and Sophia Tegart were reunited once more for a summer recording session at the 2014 International Fellowship of Conductors, Composers, and Collaborators in Eugene, OR. It was there that Cherry Street took formation. The name Cherry Street derives itself from the street on which the Conservatory is located. 

Since its start, Cherry Street has been invited to perform at numerous conferences and conventions, with many more plans for the future!

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Krista Jobson

Sophia Tegart

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News & Upcoming Events

John Luther Adams Instillation with Portland Aududon Society TBA

Cherry Street was the REcipient of the James and Lola Chamber Music Grant to Fund our first CD Project! Coming to you soon in 2017!

CD Project

Flute Duos by women composers